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The US withdraws more than 4,000 troops from Afghanistan

The Pentagon is developing plans for the complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan

The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan will be phased and will happen within a few months.

US Presidential Administration Donald Trump intends to announce the withdrawal of more than four thousand troops from Afghanistan early next week, NBC reports citing sources.

It is noted that in total, as a result of the withdrawal, 8-9 thousand American soldiers will leave.

When exactly the withdrawal will begin, it is not reported, but it is known that it will be phased and will happen within a few months. Now in Afghanistan, there are from 12 to 13 thousand troops.

The channel links the possible announcement of a contingent contraction with Trump’s recent visit to the Bagram military airbase and the resumption of negotiations with the Taliban.

Recall that in October it became known that the Pentagon began to develop a plan for the complete withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan in case the US President decides on this.

The military department admits that Trump will suddenly decide to withdraw troops — similar to how it happened in Syria at the end of 2018.

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