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Trump's headquarters won the trial over the Pennsylvania election. Counting of votes stopped

Republicans were allowed to place their observers for the count

Due to the likelihood of victory in the US presidential election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden, the headquarters of Republican Donald Trump was allowed to station their observers for the counting of votes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This was announced on November 5 by the co-chair of the Women for Trump movement and ex-Florida attorney Pamela Bondi.

She said the Pennsylvania Court of Appeals approved the headquarters' motion and allowed 15 Republican representatives “immediately” to enter the Philadelphia Convention Center building where the count is in progress.

At the same time, in order to follow the progress of the counting of votes, the observers were allowed to stand at the minimum permissible distance from the members of the commission — this is six feet, or slightly less than two meters.

Bondi noted that before the court ruling, only representatives of the Democratic Party were allowed into the counting places, which “makes the situation even worse.”

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