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Trump shouted at the owner of the TV channel because of Biden

The Trump-loyal TV channel “did not support” him, claiming that the Democratic nominee was in the lead in Arizona.

The current US President Donald Trump raised his voice in a telephone conversation with the owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch. The head of the White House did not like the fact that the channel announced the leadership of candidate Joe Biden in the voting in Arizona, writes Vanity Fair.

Fox News has always supported Donald Trump, however, when it became clear that Biden had an advantage in Arizona, the channel's journalists were the first to report this on the air.

According to the publication, referring to his insider, Trump demanded that Murdoch release a denial, but the owner of Fox News refused.

We will remind that in the United States on November 3 general elections. The Americans elected a president, a vice president, and a new congress. Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump are candidates for the post of head of the White House.

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