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The West announced the deepest crisis in the WTO because of the United States

The United States has been blocking the appointment of new judges to the Court of Appeal of the World Trade Organization for years, which led to the deepest crisis in the organization over its 25-year history, the Swiss television channel SRF notes.

The TV channel’s story states that the trade war between the United States and China should be settled by the WTO Court of Appeal, but the court and the organization itself are paralyzed due to US actions. Now there is one judge, but there should be three.

“At the geopolitical level, there is a confrontation that we have not seen in the past 25 years. The WTO is one of the platforms where players wage geopolitical struggles and play their dramas, ” said WTO Deputy Director-General Karl Browner.

The channel points to the opinions of some experts who believe that the WTO no longer makes sense.

“Without the WTO, everything will be bad. Then there will be chaos. And everyone will fight with everyone for special conditions and privileges. Now there are clear conditions that 90% of the organization’s members adhere to today, ” said Browner.

He added that Switzerland was going to hold ministerial meetings at the World Economic Forum to create momentum for the WTO.

Earlier, the German publication Der Spiegel warned of an imminent collapse of the WTO due to opposition from the United States

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