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The US to transfer division to Eastern Europe

US troops will arrive in Germany from February to May 2020

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The US military plans to work out the operational redeployment of one of its divisions from the United States through Germany to Eastern Europe as part of the Defender 2020 exercises. This is stated in a letter from the German Ministry of Defense to representatives of parliamentary factions on the defense committee of the German Bundestag, released on Wednesday, October 2.

It is noted that Germany will become a logistics center during the transfer of US troops to Poland and the Baltic countries.

The Defender 2020 exercises, in which 15 other NATO states will participate in addition to the USA and Germany, may become the largest such maneuvers in the last 25 years.

They will involve up to 20 thousand US soldiers and officers, as well as military equipment. It is assumed that American troops will arrive in Germany from February to May 2020, with the main time for their transfer to Eastern Europe falling in April — early May.

Earlier it was reported that the United States will send additional troops to Poland.

Later it became known that the United States will create a divisional command in the Polish city of Poznan and from there will direct the actions of its troops on the eastern flank of Europe.

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