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OSCE: US Election Lawsuits Filed Late

Trump's statements about falsification undermine the credibility of democratic institutions in the country, the organization believes.

The process of appealing the US election procedure started too late, and allegations of election day fraud are unfounded. This was announced on Wednesday, November 4, by the head of the OSCE observer mission Michael Georg Link at a press conference.

“The uncertainty caused by the fact that the lawsuits were filed late, as well as allegations of electoral fraud<...>, led to confusion and concern on the part of election officials and voters, as well as concern, of course, among the general public,” — stressed Link.

The head of the mission added that President Donald Trump's allegations of fraud undermined the credibility of democratic institutions in the country.

As the head of the OSCE / ODIHR observer mission Ursula Gacek told reporters, 50 OSCE observers and 50 observers from the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly are working at polling stations in the United States.

According to Gacek, the final conclusions of the organization's specialists for the American general election will be published in early 2021.

We will remind, in the Trump headquarters announced that they are starting a judicial battle for the results of the vote in the states of Wisconsin and Michigan, in which, according to preliminary data, the candidate from the Democratic Party, Joseph Biden, won.

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