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Trump requires a recount of votes in two states

Donald Trump's headquarters begins a judicial battle for the results of the voting in Wisconsin and Michigan.

The headquarters of the U.S. Republican Party candidate, President Donald Trump has demanded that votes be counted in two key states — Wisconsin and Michigan — where he has long been a leader, but could eventually lose the victory. This became known on Wednesday, November 4.

“President Trump sees enough reason to request a recount in Wisconsin, and we will do so immediately,” Trump's Twitter headquarters wrote.

In Wisconsin, Trump's Democrat rival, Joe Biden, is currently the leader. After counting 99% of the votes, he gains 49.6%. Trump still has 48.9%. The gap between candidates is just over 20 thousand votes.

Trump's headquarters also filed a lawsuit in Michigan to suspend the counting of votes in that state. The corresponding application was distributed by the manager of the election campaign politician William Stepin.

“President Trump's headquarters has not been given meaningful access to numerous county precincts to monitor the opening of ballots, vote counting, which is guaranteed by Michigan law,” the text says. — We have filed a lawsuit to stop the counting process until meaningful access is granted. We also demand that we review ballots opened and counted in our absence.

In Michigan, 99 percent of the votes were also counted. The situation is similar to that of Wisconsin: Biden scored 49.6% and Trump 48.9%, but the gap between them is slightly larger — almost 38 thousand votes.

Earlier it was reported that Trump considers such interim results in Michigan and Wisconsin “very strange”.

At the same time, it became known that the largest number of voters in history voted for Biden.

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