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Biden overtook Trump in two key US States — media

The states are still counting votes as many voters chose to vote by mail because of the pandemic.

US presidential candidate Joe Biden beats Donald Trump in Michigan and Wisconsin, key states where the vote count is still ongoing. It was reported by Fox News on Wednesday, November 4th.

In particular, according to the results of processing 94% of ballots in Michigan, Biden received the support of 49.41% of voters, Trump — 49.05%. Victory in Michigan gives 16 electoral votes.

At the same time, in the state of Wisconsin, according to the results of processing 95% of ballots, the former vice president of the United States also wins with 49.57% of the votes. The incumbent US president was supported by 48.94%. A victory in Wisconsin gives 10 electoral votes.

In order to win the presidential elections, a minimum of 270 electoral votes is required.

Biden is currently leading in 23 states of Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Vermont, Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, DC, Virginia, Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin.

Trump is more supported in 27 states: Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, Alaska (45% of votes cast), Georgia, Pennsylvania.

In turn, Trump considers such interim election results “very strange”.

“Last night I was in the lead, often by a wide margin, in many key states, which are almost in all cases controlled and run by Democrats. Then one by one, they magically disappeared after the sudden ballot stuffing was counted. Very strange. Who conducted the exit polls presented everything completely wrong, “he wrote on Twitter.

Recall that earlier Twitter and Facebook marked Trump's post about the victory as dubious. In social networks, it was explained that the message can be misleading and contain inconclusive data.

At the same time, the media write that Trump is showing a better election result than expected. The race to control the Senate continues, but Democrats' hopes for a majority are diminishing.

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