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First US election results: 5 states publish data

There is no favorite in the new presidential elections in the United States — neither the incumbent President of the United States, Republican Donald Trump nor his Democrat rival Joe Biden have a clear advantage.

This is reported by the Washington Post, citing preliminary data from the November 3 vote.

It is worth noting that so far only five states have submitted interim results of ballot counting: Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, New Hampshire, and Florida.

Trump is leading in four of them, although counting continues in all the states mentioned and it is too early to talk about any final result.

So far, the situation in the US elections looks like this:

Virginia (1%): Trump — 51.5%, Biden — 47.8 %;
Indiana (8% of votes counted): Trump 64.9%, Biden 32.8%
Kentucky (15%): Trump 53.5%, Biden 44.9%
New Hampshire (1%): Biden 74.8%, Trump 25.2%
Florida (22%): Biden 49.9%, Trump 49.2%

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