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NYPD has pledged not to pity those who provoke election violence

New York police have pledged to show “zero tolerance” to protesters who try to provoke violence in the city after the US presidential election, NY1 reported.

“People will be arrested if they destroy property and rob shops. If they attack anyone, they will be arrested, ” said New York City Patrol Chief Juanita Holmes.

According to her, the police will show “zero tolerance” to vandals and pogromists.

Holmes added that all law enforcement forces in New York are on standby and will not need reinforcements.

In turn, the head of the New York City Police Department, Terence Monahan, said that at present the atmosphere in the metropolis is calm and serious incidents have been avoided so far.

Peaceful protests, on the other hand, are intended to protect against any threats, Monahan said.

General elections are held in the United States on November 3. Americans elect a president and vice president, and they will also have to determine the new composition of Congress. Joe Biden and Donald Trump are candidates for the post of head of the White House. The outcome largely depends on the results in the “fluctuating states”, where the difference in the ratings of opponents is minimal.

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