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Trump predicted the timing of the announcement of the election results

US President Donald Trump predicted the timing of the announcement of the results of the presidential election. He spoke about this during a visit to the campaign headquarters in Arlington (Virginia).

Trump noted that perhaps as early as Tuesday evening, November 3, it will become known about his victory. He stressed that the timing depends on the scale of his victory.

The head of state also said that he is not yet thinking about the speech with the recognition of defeat, or about the speech of thanks. “You know, winning is easy, losing is never easy. This is not for me, ” the president added.

Earlier, Trump announced the success of the Republican Party in the elections in the faltering states. He announced that he is winning in Florida, Arizona, and Texas.

November 3 is general election day in the United States. Citizens elect a president and vice president, and 35 senators, the entire House of Representatives, 13 governors, and local government representatives will be elected. The current head of state, Republican Donald Trump, and Democrat Joe Biden, who served as vice president under Barack Obama, are fighting for the top post.

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