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WHO highlights the importance of COVID testing

Coronavirus can have similar symptoms to other acute respiratory viral infections, so a test must be done to confirm the diagnosis.

The only definitive way to confirm the diagnosis of COVID-19 is with a laboratory test. This was announced by the head of the WHO influenza preparedness and response team, Anne Moen, at a briefing on Tuesday, November 3.

Moen emphasized that influenza and COVID-19 may have similar symptoms, but the unique symptom of coronavirus that distinguishes it from influenza is the loss of smell and taste.

“If you have these symptoms, you are more likely to have COVID-19 and not the flu,” Moen said.

She added that there is no need to diagnose yourself.

“If you have serious symptoms such as breathing problems and high fever, as well as other serious symptoms, you need to see a doctor,” the WHO spokeswoman concluded.

Recall that earlier the number of COVID winners in the world exceeded 31 million. The number of deaths from diseases related to COVID-19 increased to 1,206,069, 31,355,790 recovered.

Scientists also learned why people do not comply with quarantine. Researchers believe that people do not take precautions because superiors themselves violate them.

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