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North Korea mined the border with China because of COVID — Seoul

In the DPRK, they fear a coronavirus epidemic, since the country's medical infrastructure is underdeveloped.

The DPRK has planted landmines in border areas with China to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced by the South Korean National Intelligence Service, Yonhap reported on Tuesday, November 3.

North Korea fears an epidemic as the country's medical infrastructure is underdeveloped.

“Since there are no physical or technical means to fight the coronavirus, there is something like a 'coronavirus trauma' in North Korea,” said Ha Tae-Keng, a spokesman for South Korean intelligence.

He explained that the country does not receive any supplies from outside, including from South Korea.

In particular, at the last meeting of the ruling party of the DPRK, it was discussed that in the event of the spread of coronavirus in the country, up to 500 thousand people could die.

Recall that earlier, the leader of the DPRK held a "coronavirus" meeting of the Politburo. During the meeting, the sides discussed issues of more intensive conduct of state anti-epidemic work.

It was also reported that Kim Jong-un burst into tears during the ceremony. The North Korean leader spoke at the military parade and said that he could not fully “justify the hopes placed on him.”

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