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The terrorist attack, carried out on Monday evening in the center of Vienna, killed at least four people, more than ten were wounded. According to the Austrian Interior Ministry, the criminals fired indiscriminately at people. One of the attackers was shot dead by the police. The killed terrorist was allegedly an ISIS supporter. The European press writes that the number of terrorist attacks motivated by Islamism may increase.

These are not lone wolves

A well-organized organization is behind the attacks, says Gianluca Di Feo, deputy editor-in-chief of La Repubblica newspaper:

“The latest jihadist attacks in Europe are a signal that the Islamist forces did not lay down their arms after the defeat of ISIS. Be it the knife attack in front of the Charlie Hebdo editorial office in Paris, the assassination of Samuel Pati, or the bloodbath at the Cathedral in Nice, there is a clear line behind these attacks. ... We are no longer talking about lone wolves, who are pushed to terror by the propaganda of fundamentalist hatred on the Internet: as investigators note, transnational networks can be traced behind all this, which have the ability to provide support for terrorists in terms of logistics and finance”.

The answer is one: cohesion

The goal of the terrorists is to sow fear and provoke ill-considered reactions, Die Presse commented:

“Radical Islamists want to provoke a war of cultures. ... Fanning Islamophobia plays into their hands because in this way they intend to win over moderate Muslims. ... Anyone who overflows in anger and makes sweeping assessments — pours water on the mill of terrorists. ... Our answer can be only one: cohesion, prudence, and strength. Even if the shock of what happened does not leave us for a long time. The Austrians and everyone who lives in this country, whatever religion they profess and wherever they come from, will not allow a handful of terrorists to split their ranks.”

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