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Is it true that an ostrich hides its head in the sand?

Surely you have seen more than once how in a film or children's cartoon an ostrich, running away from danger, hides its head in the sand. This is explained by the fact that the ostrich imagines that not only its head but also the whole body is hidden from danger.

This behavior of the ostrich is not true. Most likely, the ancient Roman scientist Pliny was the first to form an erroneous idea of the behavior of the ostrich, who in his notes claimed that in this way the ostrich hides from the enemy. Since a few people in those days could boast that they saw an ostrich even in the picture, Pliny's words were taken for truth. Since then, the picture of an ostrich hiding its head in the sand at the moment of danger has firmly stuck in the minds of people.

In fact, people who work on ostrich farms have never seen a frightened ostrich hide its head in the sand. What then did Pliny and other witnesses of burying an ostrich's head in the sand see? Maybe the ostrich was looking for small gravel stones that it needs for normal digestion. It happens that putting your head on the sand, statuses give rest to the muscles of the neck, which sounds logical, if before that the ostrich fled.

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