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A Facebook account was stolen from a Facebook accountant

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Disk information was not encrypted

Thieves stole a hard drive from Facebook’s accountant’s car, which stored the banking data of 29 thousand employees of the company.

According to Bloomberg, the disk contained information about the salary and bank account numbers of employees, and the information was not encrypted. The press service of the company emphasized that the employee did not have the right to take out hard drives outside the office. Disciplinary measures have already been taken against him. Also, Facebook noted that the personal data of users on stolen disks was not stored.

It is also known that the incident occurred on November 17, and on November 20 it became known about the loss. The company began to warn employees only on December 13th.

Recall, not so long ago, Facebook was again at the center of the scandal. The company reported the leak of photos of nearly seven million users. The error made it possible for developers of third-party applications to access photos of users, in particular, uploaded to Facebook, but not published.

In addition, Elizabeth Denham, previously authorized by the United Kingdom for Information, wrote out a penal receipt to the American company Facebook for £500,000 (more than $645,000). A fine on Facebook was imposed due to the scandal surrounding the British company Cambridge Analytica.

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