US elections: 95 million Americans voted early

The sharp increase in votes cast by mail and personal early voting is explained by the coronavirus pandemic.

One day before the presidential elections in the United States, more than 95 million citizens of the country have already cast their votes ahead of schedule. This was announced on Monday, November 2, by Reuters, citing data from The United States Election Project, a project at the University of Florida that monitors turnout in elections.

It is indicated that this is a record number of votes cast early — 69% of the total turnout in the 2016 elections.

Experts predict that significantly more citizens will cast their votes in the November 3 elections than in 2016, when 138 million Americans voted. Four years ago, only 47 million people voted early.

The sharp increase in votes cast by mail and personal early voting is explained by the coronavirus pandemic, which killed more than 230 thousand people.

A Reuters / Ipsos poll conducted Oct. 27-29 shows Joe Biden in the lead with 51% of the vote against Donald Trump's 43%. But the outcome of the election is still unpredictable, as key states, such as Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina, will be decisive.

Many Trump supporters are expected to appear in person to vote on election day. Trump himself has repeatedly criticized the mail-order vote, claiming that through it, votes can be falsified without providing any evidence of his words.

Earlier, the United States announced the inability of other countries to influence the elections. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, IMB, is tracking roughly 95% of the votes already cast in the 2020 elections.

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