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India will ban firecrackers due to coronavirus

Firecrackers will be banned in Rajasthan, India due to the spread of coronavirus. This was stated by the Chief Minister of the State Ashok Gehlot in his Twitter account.

“The government has decided to ban the sale and use of firecrackers in order to protect the health of those infected with COVID-19 from toxic smoke,” he explained. Gehlot stressed that protecting citizens is the main task of the Indian authorities.

The country's medical workers have already warned that winter could lead to an active spread of coronavirus infection. This is due to the holiday season, during which air pollution levels increase.

“Those who suffer from air pollution have weakened immune systems and suffer from the lungs. When they are exposed to infections, they have a higher chance of contracting — for example, coronavirus - than healthy people. [Those who have suffered from air pollution] are also more likely to die of complications, ” said Dr. Arvind Kumar.

India ranks second in the number of coronavirus infections in the world. According to the latest data, there are 8.2 million infections. 1.2 million people have died of complications caused by COVID-19.

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