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Biden explained that Trump cannot be forgiven

White House officials, along with billionaires, used the situation with coronavirus for personal enrichment, according to an opponent of Trump.

At the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, the administration of US President Donald Trump hid its true danger. This was announced on Monday, November 2, by the US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party Joseph Biden.

“The Trump administration in February knew how deadly the virus was. But they did not tell you or your family about it,” Biden said, addressing the Americans.

According to him, this was done deliberately for selfish purposes. “At the same time, they notified their friends on Wall Street in advance so that investors could make a profit before the recession hit the United States. They kept the truth behind. This cannot be forgiven,” Biden said.

Formerly incumbent US President Donald Trump accused his rival Biden of intending, if he wins in the upcoming elections, to impose strict quarantine in the country, which could last for years.

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