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The King of Thailand for the first time in 40 years gave an interview

The monarch commented on the protests in his country. He said he loved protesters three times and added that Thailand was a country of compromises.

King Maha Watchiralongkon of Thailand (Rama X) was interviewed on Sunday, November 1. This was the first time in 40 years. The monarch commented on the anti-government protests in Bangkok and other cities in the country to write CNN.

First, the king told the journalist of the publication that he did not want to comment on the situation. However, he then said, “We love them anyway. He repeated this phrase in English three times.

When asked whether compromises were possible with the protesters, the monarch replied that Thailand was a country of compromises.

“We love the Thai people, no matter what happens. And this country is peaceful. I love it. I am really happy, because it is true love, and you can see it yourself, right?” added the king's youngest daughter.

Demonstrators are demanding the departure of Prime Minister General Prayut Chang-Och and his supporters, as well as a change of constitution.

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