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The Governor of New York introduced a three-day quarantine for all visitors

Without exception, everyone who comes to New York State from other American states is required to undergo a three-day quarantine and then be tested for coronavirus infection. This was announced on Saturday by Governor Andrew Cuomo at a press conference, which was broadcast on his Twitter.

Cuomo informed about the decision to cancel the previous regime, which obliges to undergo a 14-day quarantine for all those arriving in New York from 43 other states and territories of the country. “There will be no quarantine list and quantitative indicators. We are introducing a single rule for the country,” the governor stressed, referring to the recommendations received from world-class medical experts.

“Upon arrival in New York, you need to go through a three-day quarantine and get tested on the fourth day. If the test results are negative, then, praise God, you are out of quarantine. If you decide not to do the test, you remain in quarantine for 14 days.” — explained Cuomo. The rule applies to all visitors, including New Yorkers, who return home from other locations.

As the governor informed, 136,962 people, passed tests on Friday in New York, the results of 2,049 were positive (1.49%). 1,121 people were hospitalized per day. Eight deaths have been confirmed.

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