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Giuliani announced receiving important information after a trip to Ukraine

The lawyer of the American leader said that he is preparing a 20-page report for Donald Trump based on the data received.

US President’s lawyer Rudolf Giuliani collected important information regarding opponents of Donald Trump during a trip to Ukraine and several other countries. The lawyer said this in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, which was published on Friday, December 13.

According to Giuliani, to Trump's question about what he managed to get on the trip, he replied: “More than you can imagine.”

The lawyer indicated that on the basis of the data received, he is preparing a 20-page report for the American leader.

Giuliani said earlier that Ukraine expects to receive materials from former and current officials, designed to prove the involvement of former US Vice President Joseph Biden and other Democrats in corruption.

In order to collect this information, he visited, in particular, Ukraine, Latvia, and Cyprus.

Recall, as part of the trip, Giuliani talked with former Prosecutor Generals of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko and Viktor Shokin.

It was reported that he travels with a crew of one of the American channels, which makes a documentary defending the position of Trump in the case of impeachment in the United States.

The film, in particular, will talk about the gas company Burisma, whose leadership included the son of former US Vice President Hunter Biden.

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