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From November 4 England quarantine due to coronavirus

On the territory of England, from November 4, the quarantine will be introduced due to the coronavirus epidemic. This was announced by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, BBC reports.

Non-food shops, pubs, and restaurants will be closed for four weeks. At the same time, schools, colleges, and universities will remain open. The restrictions will last until December 2.

The reason for the new restrictive measures was also the fact that the number of recorded cases of COVID-19 in the UK exceeded one million. According to Johns Hopkins University, as of October 31, 1,014,793 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the UK.

The authorities in Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland determine the restrictions in force in their territory independently. At the moment, they are generally stricter than in England.

Previously, strict quarantines were imposed by such European countries as Germany, France, and Belgium.

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