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Hungarian MP fined 12,000 euros for a bag of potatoes in Parliament

The parliamentarian tried to present vegetables to Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Hungarian MP Peter Jakab was fined 12,000 euros.

The leader of the right-wing Jobbik party tried to put a sack of potatoes on the table of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. For this, the speaker of the National Assembly, Laszlo Kover, imposed a large monetary penalty on him.

“The speaker of the Hungarian parliament fined me 4.4 million forints for trying to give Viktor Orban a bag of potatoes,” Mr. Peter explained the problem on Twitter.

With this gesture, Jakab tried to accuse Orban's ruling party, Fidesz, of bribing Borshod's low-income voters before the elections. For their “correct” votes, the needy residents received potatoes.

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