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The WHO assessed the risks for travelers

The WHO assessed the risks for travelers

In the near future, the World Health Organization will publish new guidelines for those traveling in a pandemic.

The WHO says the health risks of travelers are “relatively low” at this time, and COVID-19 testing and quarantine measures have helped reduce the risk of travel. On Friday, October 30, Reuters reported.

For example, Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) for Emergencies, believes that the increase in testing for coronavirus has made travel safer from an epidemiological point of view.

“International travel is now relatively safe” and poses a relatively low health risk, “he said.

At the same time, Ryan noted that it is now impossible to completely secure travel.

“Countries have to compromise between the risk of transmission from the arriving traveler and the socio-economic benefits of allowing travel,” Ryan said.

He noted that travel safety was made possible thanks to testing for COVID-19 upon entry into the country and other quarantine measures.

“Now we are analyzing all this. And in the near future, we will publish new recommendations,” added the WHO expert.

Earlier, the World Health Organization is concerned that people who have recovered from the coronavirus who have recovered from COVID-19 will have painful consequences in the medium and long term that affect important body systems.

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