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Apple has summed up the results of the fourth financial quarter of 2020

Apple has summed up the fourth fiscal quarter of 2020, which ended on September 26. And there is both good news and bad news. Apple CEO Tim Cook summed up a brief summary:

“Apple ended its fiscal year of innovation and adversity with its largest September quarter in terms of business, driven by record Mac and Services sales. From distance learning to the home office, Apple has always been for our customers. A window to the world as the pandemic continues and our team will do everything to meet the needs of the moment with enthusiasm, creativity, and ideas as big as Apple can. “ Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Actually, two product categories really stand out from the rest — poppies and services. They showed the biggest growth in the history of the company

The number of iPhones sold has dropped, but this is a common behavior for consumers before the traditional launch of new devices. iPhone 12 will only be included in the first-quarter results, and, apparently, there will be very interesting numbers.

But it should be understood that Apple has been changing the paradigm in the minds of users for several years now, that the company is only about iPhones. Services have already surpassed 50% of iPhone sales and are also generating more money for Apple than the iPad and Mac combined. The reason is clear: smartphones are of less interest to users, they do not need to be changed every year. And it's better to get paid every month.

Probably, revenue from services will grow — very soon the company is launching a single subscription Apple One. Its release is expected this fall.

There is another setback — China, where Apple recorded a very large drop in sales.

Analysts attribute this to the slowness of Apple in the development of 5G — until this October, the company did not have a single device operating in fifth-generation networks. But you are asking why Apple is focusing on goofy 5G: it’s not goofy everywhere!

But even with a drop in iPhone sales and a general decline in demand in China, Apple managed to increase overall sales by 1.03% compared to the fourth quarter of 2019. And this is a very good indicator for the quarter before the release of new iPhones.

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