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The US was able to punish Huawei

In the third quarter of 2020, Huawei smartphone sales totaled 51.7 million units, down 23 percent from the same period a year ago. This is reported by CNBC with reference to the Canalys report.

The failure stems from US sanctions, which were able to punish the Chinese tech giant for the actions it is accused of. It is about stealing technology and collecting personal data from users around the world for the benefit of Beijing.

In general, the global smartphone market sank by one percent (348 million devices), so the fall of Huawei is not associated with a decrease in interest in the product. The former world leader's sales losses in overseas markets were more significant, but in China, the decline was 15 percent.

A serious problem was the lack of Google services in Huawei smartphones, in the latest flagship device they were replaced by analogs. In the future, the company will face a shortage of components, since Taiwanese TSMC has ceased production of Kirin processors for Huawei since September 15 due to the use of American technologies in them.

Huawei is striving to take its place by its main national rival Xiaomi. During the same third quarter, its sales grew by 14.5 million smartphones (from Huawei minus 15.1 million), and in Europe, the growth was 88 percent. If the dynamics continue, then Xiaomi may take a clean second place in the world, lagging only behind the South Korean Samsung.

Previously, experts did not rule out that Huawei could concentrate on the release of equipment for 5G networks, and work primarily for the domestic market. To prevent the company from leaving the country, the United States offers its partners around the world to use equipment from other manufacturers.

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