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In the U.S., the largest chain of stores has removed weapons from the shelves

The management of the Walmart company decided to protect the employees and customers of the stores in this way.

The management of the U.S. company Walmart, which operates the world's largest wholesale and retail chain, ordered to remove firearms and ammunition from the shelves of stores in the U.S. due to the situation in Philadelphia. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal on Thursday, October 29.

It was noted that about 4,700 Walmart stores had been opened in the United States, half of which had weapons and bullets on sale.

“We have noticed isolated pockets of civil unrest and, as has happened on several occasions in recent years, removed firearms and ammunition from the sales floor as a precaution for the safety of our employees and customers,” the store manager's office said.

Recall that on October 26 in Philadelphia, policemen shot and killed dark-skinned Walter Wallace Jr. with a knife. This incident became a reason for mass riots.

The clashes last night resulted in 40 people being detained, with 57 law enforcement officers injured.

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