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Costs of election race in the USA reached 1,4 billion dollars

Research firm CRP conducted a study. Its results showed that the total spending on the current campaigning in the United States could reach a record of $1,4 billion. In the previous elections, funds were spent half as much.

This amount includes not only the expenses of candidates for the presidency but also the expenses of applicants for seats in the American Congress. CRP has estimated the estimated costs of each candidate for the presidency.

Biden is significantly ahead of Trump in this indicator. The Democratic candidate managed to raise $938 million for his campaign. The Center said in a statement that Biden could become the first candidate in the country's history to receive donations totaling $1 billion.

Trump's funds are estimated at $596 million. Several days are left before the US presidential election. Observers fear riots in the country unless a convincing victory for one of the candidates is recorded.

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