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Google launches “free” VPN

Google has announced the launch of a new VPN service, which will be available shareware for Google One paid subscriptions for 2 TB or higher.

VPN by Google One is available for these users at no additional charge. The Google One 2 TB plan itself is charged at $10 per month or $100 per year. In Russia, it will cost 699 rubles a month or 6,990 rubles a year.

There is no separate app for the VPN service, it's built right into the Google One app. Initially, VPN by Google One is only available to users of Android devices. The description says:

In the Google One app, you can quickly turn on encryption of your internet traffic for added protection when you're online. “

According to the developers, Google plans to start distributing the service to users in the US in the coming weeks. Release in other regions, as well as iOS, Windows, and macOS platforms, is planned for the next months.

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