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New Intel processors have not yet come out, but have already disappointed

Intel is slated to launch Rocket Lake desktop processors early next year. These will be the first desktop CPUs with a new architecture in many years, but unfortunately, they will still be manufactured using 14 nm technology.

And now it became clear that they will probably be worse than everyone previously thought. The fact is that it was previously thought that Rocket Lake-S would be based on the Willow Cove architecture, which underlies the mobile Tiger Lake. Yes, it should have been renamed, and it will indeed be renamed Cypress Cove, but that would not have played a special role.

And now Intel itself has revealed the details, saying that Cypress Cove is actually an Ice lake architecture adapted for the old process technology and not Tiger Lake. And although Ice Lake is also quite good, it still noticeably loses to the newer Tiger Lake on all fronts. True, the graphics core in Rocket Lake will still be the most modern — Xe. But this is unlikely to please anyone against the background of information about the processor architecture.

If you look at the mobile segment, Ice Lake processors cannot compete with the Ryzen 4000U on the Zen 2 architecture, while the desktop Rocket Lake will have to compete with the Ryzen 5000 on the Zen 3 architecture. In addition, the new Intel processors will have a maximum of eight cores. Of course, Intel in theory could take it at a price, but it is hardly worth counting on.

Rocket Lake-S will be 11th generation Core processors. They are known to get up to 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes and use the current LGA1200 socket.

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