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Media reported the disappearance of classified documents about Biden's son

Fox News reporters claim that Hunter Biden's papers went missing during mail delivery.

The American television channel Fox News reported the loss of secret documents about the son of the US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden. This was announced on Wednesday, October 28, by the host Tucker Carlson on the air of the channel.

According to him, Fox News received confidential materials about Hunter Biden, which journalists considered to be real and reliable. However, after sending these documents from New York to Los Angeles by mail, they disappeared. The delivery service informed the TV channel that the package had been opened, and its contents were gone.

“This week, on Monday, we received a collection of confidential documents about the Biden family from a source. We believe that these documents were real and reliable,” anchorman Tucker Carlson said on his Tucker Carlson Tonight show.

However, the check carried out by the delivery service did not give any results.

We will remind that last year in Ukraine they tried to sell dirt on ex-Vice President of the United States Joe Biden and his son Hunter, who worked for the Ukrainian company Burisma, for $5 million.

Earlier, the media published an e-mail in which Hunter Biden allegedly spoke with the adviser of Burisma Holdings Vadim Pozharsky about a meeting with Biden Sr. The Democratic presidential candidate denies this.

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