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Biden cast early votes in US general election

The presidential candidate voted at the Carvel State Administration Building in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden voted early in Wilmington, Delaware, in the country's general election. This was announced on Wednesday, October 28, by CNN.

Biden said that if he wins on the first day, he will start “doing the right thing” and will rely on a scientific approach in making decisions.

“Even if I win, it will take a lot of effort to end this pandemic,” Biden said.

He also answered several questions from journalists, among which was a question about the attitude to the protests in the United States — Biden replied that robbery and violence are unacceptable.

It is known that almost 75 million US citizens have already taken part in early voting.

Earlier, the US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Joseph Biden, said that he intends to seek an expansion of the sanctions list against Alexander Lukashenko's entourage.

As reported, in the final round of the televised debate of the US presidential candidates, which took place on October 22, Joseph Biden won. This is evidenced by the results of a poll conducted by CNN television.

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