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Tesla owner in Australia recovered stolen car using the app

When Canberra radio host Annabelle Brett was getting ready for work, her phone warned her Tesla Model 3 had an alarm. The car was not there, and the woman used the Tesla app to understand what had happened, writes 9now.

The application allows you to track the location of the vehicle. Annabelle called the police and followed the hijackers with her friend.

Brett recorded the entire trip on video. On the way, she used the Tesla app to control the stolen car — slowing it down, lowering the windows, turning on the beep.

After a while, the hijackers left Tesla. They tried to hide in another car, but they were filmed by the car's onboard cameras, which are turned on automatically when an attempt is made to steal.

In addition, one of the criminals left his driver's license and an addressed envelope in the car. As a result, the police quickly found the hijackers and detained them.

This is not the first time a Tesla theft has been prevented using an app — in May, the owner of the car locked the criminal in the cabin and turned off the electric motor.

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