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Apple decided to create its own search engine

According to the Financial Times, Apple has stepped up efforts to build its own search engine to compete with Google.

For example, the company began to actively advertise vacancies for professionals who are able to “define and implement the architecture of Apple's disruptive search technology.” In parallel, the work of the Applebot search robot is gaining momentum, which collects information to improve the search engine. And in the latest version of iOS 14, Apple's own search results and direct links to sites began to appear.

Journalists recalled that two years ago, Apple lured one of Google's leading search engine experts, John Giannandrea. Then it was said that he would be engaged in artificial intelligence and Siri. However, Giannadrea has been working on Google for eight years.

Apple has been working on built-in search technology for years. However, the project requires huge resources and many years of work. It is possible that Apple has stepped up its efforts amid the persecution of Google and the fact that the US Department of Justice may well require the company to break the agreement on cooperation with the search engine.

Last week, the US Department of Justice accused Google of antitrust violations for taking advantage of its market position and deterring competitors. The lawsuit said Google accounts for nearly 90% of all total searches in the US and nearly 95% of mobile searches.

The media reported that the American Department of Justice suspected that there was an agreement between Google and Apple, according to which the search engine is the first to be used by default in the iPhone and other devices.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Sundar Pichai could have struck a search deal in 2018. As a result, the corporation agreed to pay Apple from $ 8 billion to $12 billion annually as part of the deal. The amount is counted last as part of the service segment.

The DOJ claims that nearly 50% of Google's search traffic in 2019 came from Apple devices.

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