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Scientists have found out if Martian soil is suitable for growing plants

American scientists have developed artificial soil mixes that mimic the Martian soil. The researchers wanted to know if the soil was suitable for growing plants. All experiments are for the sake of a bright future for human colonies on Mars.

Briefly about the work of the researchers writes Naked Science. Scientists know that Martian soil contains substances that plants need to grow. These are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. However, their presence does not mean that they are available to plants. Their concentration is also unknown.

To fill in the gaps, scientists have modeled Martian soil on Earth. Research is still underway, but there are already preliminary results. Scientists have seen that the very texture of the imitation of Martian soil can make growing plants difficult. Unfortunately, this soil is too dry and hard. The good news is that the soil can be improved. To do this, you need to add special bacteria and fungi.

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