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Video of riots in Philadelphia published

Video of riots in Philadelphia published

In Pennsylvania, National Guard troops deploy to suppress riots following the assassination of an African American.

In Philadelphia, USA, riots continue for the second day after the murder of an African American by police. In the city, there were pogroms of shops, arson, and clashes with the police. It is reported by The Washington Post.

The police, who came to the call on the report of an armed man, shot and killed 27-year-old Walter Wallace. The relatives' lawyer said that the deceased was mentally unwell, and his relatives called doctors, not the police.

After that, protests and riots broke out in the city. As a result, shops were damaged and at least 30 officers were injured.

The Governor of Pennsylvania has authorized the National Guard to deploy troops to help police protect property and suppress unrest in the state's largest city.

We will remind, the massive protest demonstrations in Philadelphia escalated into pogroms, robberies, and riots.

It was also reported that in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, two police officers were shot and wounded while on patrol.

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