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Space organic matter found in a meteorite that fell on the USA

Geologists have found pure organic matter inside a meteorite that fell on the ice of one of the lakes in Michigan (USA). She is of unearthly origin.

Most often, the organic matter found in meteorites is terrestrial. The fact is that when an object falls to Earth, bacteria or lichens colonize it.

In the case of the Michigan meteorite, this did not happen, as it fell on the ice and was quickly found. A fragment of a celestial body was tracked by NASA's weather radar, which helped scientists to act quickly.

According to TASS, the researchers collected about 12 fragments weighing almost a kilogram. Scientists have found that these are H4 chondrites, which are about a third of iron, nickel, and olivine. The researchers speculated that these could be fragments of the asteroid Hebe. Inside some of the debris, scientists found an organic matter that survived the passage of the meteoroid through the atmosphere.

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