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There are now 1 billion iPhones in active use in the world

Apple analyst Neil Cybart announced another achievement for Apple — the company last month reached the milestone of one billion iPhones (1,000,000,000 units) in active use worldwide.

The analyst also does not believe that Apple has reached the peak of iPhone sales, despite the company's refusal to accurately announce shipments. When Apple stopped announcing the number of devices sold in its financial statements in 2018, there were speculations on the network that the move was taken to hide the drop in sales.

Cybart notes that sales may have fallen at that point. However, in his opinion, Apple took such a step because the market misunderstands the impact of long update cycles, and Wall Street misuses the number of iPhones sold as crutches for bad analysts.

In January 2019, the company's senior vice president and chief financial officer, Luca Maestri, announced that the number of actively used iPhones in the world exceeds 900 million.

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