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China's richest company will revise job titles

The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, founded by the country's richest man, Jack Ma, has launched an international project to discard job titles in internal communications.

According to the company, a study conducted by Alibaba has shown that employees begin to flatten the wording and are less likely to speak directly when they see a manager in a chat. Under the new rules, employees will see the name of the function instead of positions in corporate messengers, on intranet portals, or in the mail. For example, instead of the position “marketing director” it will be written “marketing function”.

In 2020, employees of the group began to communicate more often online due to remote work during the coronavirus pandemic. The group negotiation process has shown that the designation of positions negatively affects the overall discussion. If the employee interacts with management directly, then his initiative decreases.

At the same time, the company strives for openness. According to the Cainiao Network, in the corporate messenger, any employee can write or call a manager of any level. Even Jack Ma and Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang will not be an exception.

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