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Impeachment Trump: Democrats formally filed two charges

Jerry Nadler accuses Donald Trump

This week the prosecution will be reviewed by the US House of Representatives Legal Committee.

With respect to US President Donald Trump, two main allegations of impeachment have been formally brought. This was stated by Chairman of the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Democrat Jerry Nadler, Reuters reported on Tuesday, December 10.

The first of the charges is the abuse of power. “This is an impeachment violation when the president uses the powers of his public office for personal gain,” Nadler said.

According to him, this is exactly what Trump did when he “pressured Ukraine to intervene in the 2020 presidential election.”

At the same time, Trump himself, according to Nadler, intervened in the course of the investigation initiated by the Democrats in Congress.

“This provides the basis for the second article: an obstacle to Congress,” the congressman said and added that Trump has blocked the testimony of a number of officials, as well as the transfer of necessary documents.

It is noted that this week the prosecution will consider the legal committee of the House of Representatives. Committee members will need to decide whether they consider these allegations to be substantiated. Further, the House of Representatives in full force will have to vote on the issue of impeachment on the basis of existing charges.

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