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U.S. Senate Confirms Barrett as Supreme Court Justice

Barrett’s appointment means the Conservatives are outnumbered in the Supreme Court. They will have six out of nine representatives.

The Senate of the US Congress has approved the candidacy of the judge of the Court of Appeals of the seventh circuit, 48-year-old Amy Connie Barrett as a member of the Supreme Court. This was reported on Monday 26 October by Reuters.

Discussion of the candidacy of the full Senate judge began on Sunday and lasted for about 30 hours.

As a result, the candidacy of Barrett was supported by 52 Republicans, 48 senators spoke against, among whom was only one representative of the Republican Party — Susan Collins (from Maine).

As the newspaper notes, the election of Barrett brought US President Donald Trump a party victory just a week before the election and consolidated the dominance of the right in the country's highest court for many years. Now the members of the SC will be six conservative and three liberal judges.

There are nine supreme justices in the United States, each of whom the president appoints for life. If one of the judges dies or decides to resign, the incumbent president will nominate his candidate, who must receive Senate approval.

Barrett will become the fifth woman to serve on the US Supreme Court, replacing legendary Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died in September at 88 from cancer. She is conservative, opposed to abortion, and criticizes the health care reform approved by former US President Barack Obama.

A seat on the US Supreme Court was vacated on September 18 following the death of 87-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was the second woman in the country's history to become a Supreme Court judge and has served in that position for over 27 years.

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