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Users complained about too sharp edges of the iPhone 12

The new iPhone 12 design was not to everyone's liking. There were users who complain about the too sharp edges of the smartphone. Some even talk about cuts.

The complaints of the Chinese users were published by the Mydrivers portal. They say that iPhones bite into the hand with sharp edges. This leaves marks and even cuts on the palms.

Other users noted that the complaints seemed far-fetched. After all, why grip a smartphone in your hand so that there are traces of it?

This, however, is not the only problem that the newly minted owners of the iPhone 12 are talking about. A photo of one iPhone from the store has been posted online. On its edges, scuffs are visible, which, as the author suggests, arose due to the fact that store visitors constantly touch their smartphones.

Other people complain that their iPhone 12 is already cracked, even though it hasn't been dropped.

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