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Lithuania strengthens quarantine

Lithuania strengthens quarantine

The Lithuanian authorities decided to strengthen quarantine in municipalities for at least two weeks after a record of 700 coronavirus infections.

The Lithuanian government is going to tighten quarantine restrictions after registering 766 coronavirus infections. The day before, this figure was 605 cases. The restrictions take effect from Wednesday, October 28, and will last at least until November 11, writes LRT.

Enhanced quarantine is being introduced in the capital of the country Vilnius, Klaipeda, Kaunas, and in other regions.

Now, in public transport, seats can be taken with a distance of at least one meter from other passengers. It is forbidden to gather in groups of more than five people unless they are members of the same family. A social distance of two meters is recommended.

Also, employees of budgetary organizations will be sent to work remotely. In trade establishments, it is allowed to admit no more than one person per square meter of space at a time.

Hospital visits are prohibited, except in cases of incurable illness in patients, children, and women in labor. Religious organizations are advised to either temporarily abandon meetings or gatherings of citizens.

Today, there are 21 municipalities in the red zone in Lithuania.

As previously reported, a state of emergency was introduced in Spain due to the coronavirus. The country's government plans to extend all restrictive measures by six months, including a curfew.

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