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Biden named the main threat to the United States

In the international arena, Russia is the most threatening to the security of the United States, the Democrat said.

Democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden said Russia is the main threat to the United States. The Democrat announced this in an interview published by the CBS television channel on Sunday, October 25.

“I believe that at the moment Russia poses the greatest threat in terms of undermining our security and alliances. Secondly, I believe that China is the biggest competitor,” said the candidate for the post of head of state.

“Look what he does — he gets close to all dictators and pokes his fingers in the eyes of all our friends. Our NATO friends turn their backs on us because they cannot rely on us,” Biden said.

We will remind, earlier in the US State Department said that Russia is the leading threat in terms of disinformation and propaganda. The department is working to expose the methods of the Russian Federation in this area.

At the same time, the White House refused to consider Moscow the strongest rival, since the actions of the Chinese authorities are accompanied by “an increasingly militant tone.”

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