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Erdogan says Macron needs mental treatment

Erdogan says Macron needs mental treatment

French President Emmanuel Macron, who put forward the idea of “enlightened Islam”, needs to be treated. This was stated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his speech in Kayseri, which was broadcast on his Twitter.

“What's wrong with Macron with Islam and Muslims? The fact that the head of state treats millions of Muslims in his country in this way is primarily a loss of mind control. He needs treatment for his psyche, ”Erdogan said.

We will remind, earlier Macron announced that by the beginning of December he would submit a bill on the fight against separatism in France, aimed at strengthening republican values and careful education of children. According to the French leader, an organization needs to be created in the country that will help build “enlightened Islam.” Macron expressed the idea of freeing Islam from foreign influence and tightening control over the funding of mosques.

Erdogan expressed his dissatisfaction in this regard. In his opinion, under the pretext of fighting Islamic separatism, the French leader wants to “settle accounts with Muslims” and create a totalitarian “anti-Islamic system”.

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