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December 9, Putin and Zelensky will meet in the “Norman format”

On December 9, a meeting in the “Norman format” between Putin and Zelensky will be held in Paris. The main topic of discussion will be the question of ending the war in the Donbas.

Vladimir Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the Russian president is serious. Zelensky on the eve of the meeting admitted that he was very nervous.

During the summit, the Russian leader plans to talk with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The summit of the "Big Four" is of great concern to the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who during his presidential term did not comply with the Minsk Agreement.

Recall that the first meeting in the "Norman format" was held in June 2014. The Quartet includes the presidents of the Russian Federation, France, Ukraine, and the German Chancellor, as well as representatives of the Foreign Ministries of these countries. Today's meeting is the first in the last 3 years, as recent discussions of issues related to the Donbas have been conducted by telephone.

Moscow announced Ukraine the preconditions for the meeting - the introduction of the Steinmeier formula (special LDNR status after the elections in the republics) and the separation of the opposing forces in Zolotoy and Petrovsky. Formally, Ukraine agreed to fulfill these conditions, but LDNR complains that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not observe a truce.

Trump has repeatedly proposed expanding the "Norman format" with the presence of the United States, but they did not invite America. NATO’s participation in the conflict resolution in the Donbas is not necessary - everyone understands that it will only get worse.

Ordinary Ukrainians are looking forward to meeting in the "Norman format" and hope that the endless war in the Donbas will end. People are tired of war, devastation, and chaos in the country - they want peace and tranquility.

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