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Disassembly reveals minimal differences between Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

The Chinese thematic channel has published a video of the disassembly of smartphones Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. As it turned out, the two models are almost identical inside.

In particular, both devices use the same L-shaped main printed circuit board with the only difference that the board of a simpler model lacks a connector for connecting a lidar. The lidar itself and the telephoto lens module in the case of the iPhone 12 has been replaced with plastic caps.

Interestingly, the battery capacity in both models is 2815 mAh, although the iPhone 12 could fit a larger battery, that is, more capacity. Probably, Apple went for unification out of savings. In addition, a more capacious battery would give a more affordable model advantage in autonomy, and this is contrary to all marketing laws.

A pleasant consequence of the internal unification is the potential to use either of the two models as a spare parts donor for both Apple iPhone 12 and Apple iPhone 12 Pro. However, it should be remembered that the technical feasibility may go against the manufacturer's ideas, so it is difficult to say at the moment whether it will really be possible to use the iPhone 12 components in the 12 Pro and vice versa.

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