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The US accused Iran and Russia of cyberattacks ahead of elections

The head of the US intelligence has accused Iranian cybercriminals of being active against US President Donald Trump.

Iranian and Russian hackers were able to obtain personal data from American voters. This was announced by the director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe at a press conference late Wednesday night, Radio America reported.

“We confirm that some information on voter registration was received by Iran and, separately, by Russia,” he said.

According to Ratcliffe, both countries “took certain actions to influence public opinion regarding our elections.”

He also accused Iranian cybercriminals of organizing activities over the past day against US President Donald Trump.

“We've already seen Iran send fake emails designed to intimidate voters, foment public unrest and harm President Trump,” he said.

In addition to the emails, Iran is also responsible for the distribution of a video that mentions the use of fake ballots by some voters, Ratcliffe said.

“This video and any claims about allegedly falsified ballots are not true,” he said.

Recall that the American corporation Microsoft announced the prevention of a large-scale hacker attack against US voters.

Attackers could infect computers with lists of American voters or reflecting the election results, and then, at the appointed time, begin to “wreak havoc and distrust,” according to Microsoft.

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