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Greta Tunberg will receive the award “For the right way of life”

Swedish eco-activist Grete Thunberg awarded “alternative Nobel Prize”

Greta Tunberg will receive the Right Livelihood Award Foundation Award for the Right Lifestyle. The prize is awarded in the field of environmental protection, human rights, health, and education.

The award will also receive Chinese human rights activist Guo Jianmei, an activist from Western Sahara Aminatu Haidar, advocate for the rights of indigenous people of Brazil Davi Kopenawa Yanomami.

The amount shared by the laureates is 3 million Swedish kronor (about 350 thousand dollars).

At the same time, Tunberg admitted that “if you look from a certain point of view, we have not achieved anything.”
So she spoke in Madrid at the 25th conference of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The Swedish activist believes that the growing popularity of environmental movements has not yet led to the proper consequences, according to the Spanish publication El Pais.

And despite the wave of the environmental movement, environmental issues are being ignored by world leaders.

“We (eco-activists) are growing more and more, and more and more are being listened to our voices, but, of course, this does not lead to political actions. I hope that world leaders will recognize the urgency of resolving the climate crisis, ”said Thunberg.

Over the past year, a 16-year-old Swedish schoolgirl has become widely known. She actively advocates for the environment and calls for immediate, decisive action to tackle climate change.

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